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Elizabeth Dekker

Elizabeth Dekker is a figurative painter. Her life experiences, the dreamlike qualities of surrealism, and the use of symbolism are where her inspirations are rooted. With a background in textile design and color development, color, shape, and pattern play an important role in her work. Elizabeth’s paintings are often deeply personal, but at the same time invite the viewer in to find meaning of their own.

Elizabeth was born in Chicago and raised in Tucson. She left the desert to study art at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, graduating with a BFA. Her focus was on painting and printmaking.

After graduating, Elizabeth was hired at a textile design firm in Santa Barbara. She worked as both a designer and color specialist for almost 10 years. Afterwards, heading north, she connected with family in Northern California. There she began teaching Art at the Sonoma Charter School, and continued to paint, teach, and inspire young artists for the next decade and a half.

Moving to San Francisco in 2014, Elizabeth continued to teach fine art with various organizations.

In late 2020, Elizabeth opened Art Haus. It has been a lifelong dream to have a gallery of her own. Creating a place to inspire and nurture artists of any age and skill is part of the mission of Art Haus.

Self expression is a necessity. Exercising creativity is good for the soul.

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